Software Development

Software Entwicklung

Software development was an important part of my studies. I learned to code in C for embedded systems as well as C# to create Software with user interface. Here are some projects I like to mention:

UAV Motor Test Bench

UAV Motorpr├╝fstand GUI

In order to do proper tests of propellers, motors and electronic speed controllers I developed a test bench to measure all the relevant data like thrust, current, voltage, rpm and temperature. The software part does control the test procedure and record all the data. The data is visualized in real time plots. For each test run an excel sheet with all the data and plots are generated.

UAV Mission Explorer

UAV Mission Explorer GUI

The UAV Mission Explorer is written as a plug-in for the free GIS-Software Arcgis Explorer. I designed this tool to plan, monitor and review missions. With this tool it is very easy to map small regions. By just marking the region the software calculates the flightpath and the positions where to take the orthographic photos. The user can specify the required ground resolution and overlap of the images. The user will be warned if the time to fly the mission exceeds the maximum flight time of the drone.

After the photos are taken they can be georeferenced in the map view and afterwards be used to do measurements and analysis.